Once upon a time life was so much simpler.
There was no envy, neither spite, nor hatred,
and every man to help his mate was eager,
each time he felt the hopes of his friend faded.

There was no money to corrupt the honest,
there were no weapons which could kill the brave,
nor there was offence against the modest,
nor crying mother over her son’s grave.

But suddenly the human changed completely.
He started thinking he was meant to rule the world
and thus began to function so severely,
forgetting all good things to which was given birth.

He started cutting trees and digging ditches,
and killing animals to manufacture leather clothes;
and overbuilding beautiful coast beaches,
but this was not the worst he did, of course.

A brother kills his brother just for getting wealthy,
as if he’ll need the money after he is gone;
in cold blood man betrays his family and country,
not even feeling guilty for ruining his home.

A so called leader wages war for nothing
but gaining land he doesn’t even need,
and it’s a pity he can’t see the Devil’s laughing
as men are dying on the battlefield.

Oh, Lord, what happened to the people?
And where on Earth did the goodness go?
Or I should ask the more important question:
Is it too late for us to right our wrong?

Oh, God, I know the die is cast now,
and it is high time that we chose our way;
and I believe that we can figure out how
to keep our hearts apart from spite to stay.

Г. Ч., 2009